The ultimate road trip featuring the custom built TECbus! This tour will feature our community members like no other Esport team or company has before.


The TECbus will feature a gaming station, podcast setup, and workstations as TEC travels across the country visiting players hometowns and team cities.


Players will be featured on a vlog and be the tour guides as TEC gets their story not only in gaming but life!


TECtour is all about showing what Esports is all about, community.


TECbus will be custom wrapped to feature any interested sponsor with various sizes and space available!



The podcast about learning and connecting with one another through Esports.


Esports gives all our community members common ground to seek what they want to do. This podcast enlightens our community on the stories that are relatable to the 99% of the industry that is left behind.


“A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.” - Charles Dickens


TECtalk is all about the stories our players are able to tell with the help of Esports. Their journey is what will lead to inspiring others and show the positives of what TEC community is all about.


Johnstown, PA

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