S2 Overwatch Champions

Johnstown Steel, the Season 2 Overwatch champions, were actually very nervous going into the championship game. Although they had gone undefeated during the main season, rumors of a new player for their opposing team kept them on edge. The risk of losing the championship after being undefeated teased them, all the way up until the start of the first game. As the match unfolded, nerves calmed and they were able to focus more on the game, leading to a swift victory. After the game, the call was full of excitement, congratulations and celebration lasted for the next hour, even being sure to play ‘We Are The Champions’ in a celebratory sing-along. Once everyone had finally calmed down, they discussed their plans during the off-season leading into season 3.

Across the board, team members agreed that an increase in communication, as well as familiarizing with their roles/heroes is something to focus on to improve. During the previous season, the day after games they’d watch the games and note what could have been better, and focused on those aspects during practice, which was mostly competitive. Johnstown hopes to come back next season stronger, and is doing so by continuing practice throughout off-season.

As season three approaches, take this time to take a break, but also improve on certain skills that were lackluster the season before. Make sure to be active in your team, and step up if you feel obligated. If you aren’t on a team, I urge you to join one! We have teams in 8 different cities in PA, as well as one in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, and Ohio. The off-season is a great time to introduce yourself to your team, and recruit new players! Good luck to all teams in season three, and see you all January 4th!

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